Latest (3/2013) Aspirin & Melanoma Study

Yes to aspirin……again.

A new 5 year Stanford University Study of 60,000 women (ages 50-79), showed aspirin reduces the chance of getting melanoma skin cancer.  The women were divided into 3 groups, aspirin users, non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug users, and neither.

The group taking aspirin at least twice a week lowered the risk of melanoma by 21%.  If these individuals took aspirin for longer than 5 years, the melanoma risks decreased to 30%.

Past history of skin cancer did not seem to alter the findings. 

The Stanford Study suggests the correlation between aspirin’s properties of fighting inflammation and aspirin’s anti-cancer properties may be the key to the success.

For more information, read by Elizabeth Landau, ‘ASPIRIN MAY CUT MELANOMA RISK, STUDY FINDS’ at CNN.COM.  Always speak with your doctor before starting aspirin therapy.

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