7/2013 Four New Studies on Green Tea & Alzheimer’s

Last month, neurologist Henry Paulson, MD, wrote in the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN’S NEUROHEALTH BLOG about a flavonoid in green tea (EGCG)  and how it appears to protect the brain from plaque accumulation.  The plaque is believed to cause brain deterioration.

Mi Hee Lim with her team published their positive findings of one study, in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, showing EGCG binds to the protein beta-amyloid, that forms amyloid plaques, and prevents the plaque accumulation.

For an over-all view of the studies, please read MELANIE HAIKEN, Forbes, GREEN TEA MAY PREVENT ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, SAY FOUR NEW STUDIES.

I’d like to add that too much green tea (gauged at 5 cups or more), does have side effects.  Check WEBMD for the complete list.  A few side effects of overdoing green tea are anxiety, increased risk of bleeding, increased risk of pressure inside of the eye, may increase blood pressure, and may increase calcium loss through urine.


2 thoughts on “7/2013 Four New Studies on Green Tea & Alzheimer’s

    • Green tea can displace iron in the body, can slowly darken your teeth, possibly wear on your enamel. Too much could make you jittery from the caffeine.

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