New Study on BPA & Childhood Obesity

Out today, a new study on BPA (Bisphenol A)  and childhood obesity published in the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION is cause for alarm.  The study shows children with more BPA in their diets have an increased risk of obesity.  This chemical is found in many plastics, metal cans and some dental composities.

In July, the FDA banned BPA in baby bottles and baby cups.

This estrogen-like chemical has, in the past, been linked to possible sterility problems in men, diabetes, heart disease, high liver enzymes, and hyperactivity in children.


To check your water bottles and plastic containers for BPA, look on the bottom of the container and if you see a 3 or a 7, there’s probably BPA in the plastic.  Health food stores  carry plastic bottles without BPA.  Just ask for help.

Other ways to lower BPA in your diet (remember, it can disrupt your estrogen and testosterone) – buy fresh and frozen fruits and vegs, instead of canned.  Cut back on canned foods.  Stop using plastic with BPA, and don’t microwave plastic.  Cook with stainless steel and glass.

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