Monday Night is Pizza Discount Night at Brooklyn Bridge Italian Restaurant

IMG_20151026_193241Romantically amicable, shades of sensual ambiance AND aromas to ignite the salivary glands….. now you have the stage set for a sensory-excellent dining experience at BROOKLYN BRIDGE ITALIAN RESTAURANT.  In Memphis, on Kirby Pkwy, Mondays are pizza discount night ($4 off medium pizzas, $5 off large pizzas).

Chef Giorgio ( trained in the Abruzzi  region of Italy) is on board creating menu selections that will keep you ruminating.  While sipping wine (they specialize in regional wines) and enjoying an appetizer, I’m guessing the night will be very easy to enjoy with your dinner companion. We started with Mussels Fra Diqvole, (black mussels sauteed in a spicy tomato sauce).  Then our entree, being pizza night, was a medium size NAPOLITANA Pizza with pepperoni (around 12.95), and the result being the restaurant nailed it.  Delicious.  Completely full from our meal… and extra pizza was taken home.IMG_20151026_185850IMG_20151026_195727

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