When You Need Mexican…..EL PORTON

One of the perks of eating Mexican food is it’s not pricey.  If you enjoy fresh, spicy salsa dip and crisp low-salt, low-oil tortilla corn chips when you sit down before you order a thing; Mexican, and especially EL PORTON MEXICAN RESTAURANT should be considered an option for a evening of delicious food.  I enjoy sitting outside, probably for many reasons, but the obvious one is that it’s a feel-good while the weather is so pleasant in Memphis.

In the past, I’ve had the tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, and combos of a variety from the menu.  There’s still many items I need to experience at EL PORTON…..flautas, salads, fajitas, molcajete for 2, seafood dishes, and wraps.  For an appetizer what I enjoy is their guacamole dip, made at the table and  a must to try.

For your budget, remember EL PORTON’S Thursday Taco Night.  Ground beef or shredded chicken on hard or soft tacos are ONLY $1.25 each. (normally $2.25 each).  If you choose to add a side of rice (it’s quite a bit of tasty), $2.50.  With the welcoming salsa and chips (free), and 2 or 3 tacos, I’m guessing you’ll be more than full after the tacos.  Add a glass of wine, and an entertaining dining companion and you have a to-be-remembered-and-repeated dining experience.

The waiting staff is professional and the length of time of your meal depends on you, the diner.

When it’s not Thursday, one of my favorite meals is the YOLANDAS, for $9.45.  When you order this selection, you will receive 3 chicken enchiladas, topped with ranchera sauce, rice, and guacomile salad.  Yum.

I enjoy the EL PORTON in the Poplar Plaza Mall.IMG_20151022_184353IMG_20151022_184359



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