Taste Buds Verses Budget

When my appetite says yes to the seduction of the senses thru food and my budget says whoa-no-stop………what’s a girl (and I say that in the most liberal sense) supposed to do?

Search, shop, google, listen to word of mouth testaments concerning ‘the dining experience’ of the pleasure-or-not of dining out or cooking in.

SEKISUI MIDTOWN  (in Memphis) is an award winning Sushi Restaurant  (cooked vinegared rice combined with seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits) serving sushi or cooked fish in combos with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.

How can I explain the taste of nourishing, clean food?  A taste, and you know you are enjoying real food, nutritional food.

Please check out SEKISUI MIDTOWN, with Japanese Cuisine.  We had a sushi combination (around $12) and fried spring rolls (pork and vegetables, $4.95).  Not only was the meal delicious, unique, but a reminder to eat slowly, savoring the taste, smell, and experience.IMG_2323IMG_2326

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