1/2018, Year of The Woman

1 in 3 Women will be abused by their partners sometime in their lifetime.
The average times for a woman to LEAVE AN ABUSIVE PARTNER is SEVEN.

Silence from the victims or witnesses about the abusive behavior, promotes the continuing of abuse, and may play a part in the escalation of the violence.

Plump, Moisturize, & Renew the Lips

RODAN + FIELDS RENEWING SERUM SELECTED BY – VOGUE – AS A MUST HAVE ON THEIR SPRING HIT LIST!  This is the Best Lip Product available…..I love it!lip serumIt’s our LIP RENEWING SERUM with restorative peptides and antioxidants.  Perfect to use overnight and also, all day to restore, moisturize, and plump up your lips!

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Men, It’s Time

For Mom’s Day, it’s the gift that pampers your skin every day.

Redefine Night Renewing Serum – Mom will wake up feeling and looking refreshed.  This serum rejuvenates her skin with retinol and peptides as she sleeps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores.

Redefine Lip Renewing Serum  – Mom will love this luxurious lip treatment.  This serum contains peptides and Vitamin E to help retain their natural moisture and reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles.

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A learning point – peptides are chains of amino acids that may occur naturally in the body or be synthesized in the laboratory.  Different types of peptides are used in different skin care products.  They may be used to reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles, pores, or problems like visible redness associated with a range of skin care conditions.

Yes, It’s Official!

SHAREABLE-EUROMONITOR- #1 ANTI- AGINGSHAREABLE-EUROMONITOR- #1 ACNE BRANDSHAREABLE-EUROMONITOR- FASTEST GROWINGIf you are interested in great skin care, why not use products you see results!  $629.9 Million in gross sales and hypergrowth last year. So, don’t wait another year to start reversing time.   Email me to chat about taking the journey to more healthy, youthful skin.



Love Your Skin!

As I start my business and continue using these amazing skin products, I can’t help but share my love of Rodan + Fields.

I’ve been using the REDEFINE REGIMEN and will now include the REVERSE.…….For all those years in my 20’s when I was sunbathing. And for your information, R + F has a FOAMING SUNLESS TAN.  

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Turning Back the Clock with Your Skin

Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields have created a 9-billion dollar brand and the #1 selling acne skin care line in the world, with Proactiv.  REAL RESULTS - REDEFINE + AMP MD (1)They are committed to ‘recreating history,’ this time in a much larger sector, the anti-aging market.  Rodan + Fields  is growing faster than anyone else with triple digit growth annually.  Based on 2013 market share statistics published by Euromonitor International, we are now officially the fastest growing premium skincare line in the US. 

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